Meet the 2016 contestants

Jessica Rose
Sunderland - Sassy Classy and a bit bad Ass
Wilma Fingado
Gateshead - Glamorous trashy and fun
Plopalina Shitstorm
Swansea - Screaming Welsh Twat
Alexis Lee Kristan
Manchester - Pretty little psycho
Electric Blue
London - Witty, Vocalist, FUN
Miss Holly Stevens
Manchester - Vivacious, clumsy & intelligent
Jacqueline Hit
Hartlepool - original, artistic and passionate
Mandy Warhol
Newcastle - Cyborg witch whore
Maria Sweet
Cheater le street - Classy, ghetto and fabulous
Misty Gold
Stockton-on-Tees - Fishy, Talented and unique
Octavia Die
Redcar - Artistic, alternative & perfectionist
Pagan Die
Redcar - Wild, creative and fun
Regina Fahrenheit
Redcar - Wild, creative and fun
Sapphire Blue
Washington - Fabulous, Old school and glitter
Yunalesca Angels
South Shields - Playful, sexy, stupid
Zabrina Citrus
Maryport, Cumbria - Animated, enthusiastic and theatrical