Miss Rory
The Boulevard hostess is known for her sharp and at times controversial comebacks to the on stage turns but like the many fans of the Pink Triangle institution, absolutely loves Drag Idol.
Ophelia Balls
Host / Judge
Ophelia, known in the Toon for comparing the Adonis Cabaret nights and being a resident entertainer at The Black Garter and The Bank
Penni Tration
Middlesbrough’s queen of the splits joined the Drag Idol panel last year so has enjoyed two years of it becoming a real talking point for people in Newcastle and much further afield.
Guest Judge
Cris Howe
DJ / Producer
DJ/Producer (SAS)Playing Funky & Electro.Also specialising in credibal Cheese nights.I am a DJ that like to get people going mental on the dance floor.on my credibale cheese night i will drop in just about anything thats good and fun including ATeam,Grandstand theme ect